Lydia Vetere
Coldwell Banker Realty

Lydia's Letter

Buying or Selling can be stressful and yet it can also be exciting! The way I look at it is that we are all transforming and changing at all times. We change clothing styles, car preferences, friends come and go, even our tastes change when it comes to food!  Most of the time we do not change family members right? However, sometimes you might wish you could.....

Our choice of home, lifestyles are also subject to change. Sometimes caused by external causes such as job relocation or change, relationship status change such as as marital, divorce or empty nest situations. Sometimes, we want to up-size as in a growing family or need to down-size to keep children from returning home!

No matter what the reason or cause,this change can be a fun and exciting time when viewed with an upbeat, positive attitude. I am here to help share some of the reasons to look forward to the change. Perseverance,flexibility,honesty,diligence and humor are all needed, to make it through the process. I,as your agent,will help take off any added stress or tasks that are overwhelming to you thus ease your pain!  Open to any needs and ideas is what I strive to be and staying creative,professional and energetic is the goal to achieve your "Dream Move Home"

"Your Realtor for Life"